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Standard Specifications and Details

The Standard Specifications and Details shall govern requirements, design, and all work in connection with sewer construction within the jurisdiction of the Stege Sanitary District of Contra Costa County, California. The jurisdiction of the Sanitary District includes the entire sewerage system and its appurtenances from the point of connection with the building plumbing to the discharge terminus of the collection system. The Ordinance Code and all ordinances of the District shall be considered a part of these Specifications and all plans, profiles, cut sheets, easement documents, and specifications shall conform to the standards and requirements herein established.


While private sewer laterals are part of the overall sewerage system and under the general jurisdiction of Stege Sanitary District, the operation, maintenance and repair of private sewer laterals are the responsibility of the property.

The lateral sewer  is the privately owned and maintained sewer line which links the sanitary or waste plumbing (building drain) of a house or other building with the main sewer.  The side sewer includes that portion of pipe extending from a point of connection with the building drain to and including the connection to the main sewer.  (SSD Standard Specifications and Details Section 2, page 2-4)  

Addenda to these Specifications may be issued periodically and will be posted and made available to the Public and Contractors at the District offices. Users of this text are urged to review the latest index so posted to apprise themselves of changes put into effect.

Only special provisions for particular District-designed projects, notes pertaining to sanitary sewer systems on drawings and plans approved for construction by the District, or the requirements of other jurisdictional authority when more stringent shall govern over these Specifications where apparent conflict may exist. Where any section, paragraph, subparagraph, clause, or other requirements of these Specifications is modified, deleted or additions are made thereto by the requirements and conditions shown or set forth in such aforesaid special provisions or District-approved plans, the unaltered provisions of that section, paragraph, subparagraph, clause, or drawing of these Specifications shall be considered to remain in effect.

If you have futher comments, questions or concerns regarding the Stege Sanitary District Standard Specifications and Details, please feel free to contact us.