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Sewer Service Charge

Sewer Service Charges are established to cover the cost of the operation, maintenance, and capital improvements to the sanitary sewer system.  Note that Stege Sanitary District is only responsible for the collection of sanitary sewer flows, and the Stege Sewer Service Charge reflects this.  Stege Sanitary District collects and delivers sanitary sewer flows from its service area and delivers it to East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) for wastewater treatment. 

EBMUD charges a separate fee for wastewater treatment, and this is in addition to the Stege Sewer Service Charge.  

The rate for each user category is based on the the specific property address' use code.  Residential properties are charged a flat fee while non-residential and commercial properties are charged at a metered rate of water used, and is described below:

Single-Family Residence

FY 2023-2024: $429/year

Multi-Family Residence

FY 2023-2024: $297/year


FY 2023-2024: $9.02/1000 gallons water used

(Updated 7/1/2023)

Ord 2121-0619 Sewer Service Charge.pdf