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Private Sewer Lateral

A private sewer lateral (PSL) is the pipe that connects the plumbing in a home or business to the sanitary sewer main, usually located in the street. The PSL carries sewage from a building to a public sanitary sewer. It is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain the sewer lateral.

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Old, cracked sewer laterals allow rainwater and groundwater to infiltrate the sewer system. Excess water in the system can overwhelm wastewater treatment facilities, causing untreated or partially treated sewage to be released into the Bay. Fixing damaged PSLs helps protect the Bay.

In the Stege Sanitary District, the property owner is responsible for the entire sanitary sewer lateral up to and including the connection at the sanitary sewer main.   (SSD Standard Specifications and Details Section 2, page 2-4)

EPA & RWQCB Enforcement

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in collaboration with the California Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) is spearheading an effort to keep the Bay clean. The EPA and RWQCB are requiring the East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD), residents of six East Bay cities, and residents of Stege Sanitary District to fix old, cracked sanitary sewer pipes to ensure they don't allow the infiltration of rainwater which can overwhelm wastewater treatment facilities, resulting in untreated or partially treated sewage being released into the Bay.  Affected property owners will be required to obtain a certificate from EBMUD indicating that their PSLs are without defects and have proper connections.

East Bay Regional Private Sewer Lateral Program

Effective October 18, 2011, EBMUD Regional Ordinance shall govern within Stege Sanitary District's service area as it relates to Sewer lateral Compliance.  EBMUD shall implement and manage all aspects of this program including record keeping, maintaining written procedures for verification testing, witnessing all verification testing and issuing Compliance Certificates to compliant private sewer laterals.
Property owners are required to obtain a “Certificate of Compliance” for their sewer laterals upon transfer of title (sale of property), significant remodel of $100,000 or more, or a change in the size of the water meter.  To obtain a Certificate of Compliance, the property owner must contact EBMUD directly to schedule an inspection, in addition the property owner must also obtain a sewer permit from Stege Sanitart District for any sewer related construction work.

There may be special procedures in regards to sanitary sewer systems in private developments, multi family housing properties and commercial properties.  Contact EBMUD directly for these special instances.

For details on specific policies and guidelines, or for records and information on your property's current compliance status, please visit EBMUD's East Bay Regional Private Sewer Lateral Program.
Stege Sanitary District no longer maintains records on the status of Certificates of Compliance for the properties in the District.  For questions regarding the status of your property, please contact EBMUD at 1-866-403-2683 or visit

For more information on EBMUD's Regional Ordinance, or if you have any questions regarding any policy or procedural changes, please visit the EBMUD East Bay Regional Private Sewer Lateral Program website.