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Board of Directors Information Sheet

The Stege Sanitary District (District) is an independent Special District of the State of California that provides sanitary sewer services to El Cerrito, Kensington, and a portion of the Richmond Annex in Richmond.  The District’s mission statement is “to protect public health and the environment for the communities we serve through planning and operation of a safe, efficient, and economical wastewater collection system.” The Board of Directors (Board) is the policy-making body of the District.

The Board is comprised of five (5) board members elected at large.  The Board members serve staggered four-year terms with elections being held in even-numbered years.  Two terms are up for election in 2024 and the remaining three terms are up for election in 2026. Board members must be United States Citizens, at least 18 years of age, and reside within the boundaries of the Stege Sanitary District.

The Board holds its regular meetings once or twice a month on a Thursday at 7:00pm to conduct the business of the District.  The Board may also, from time to time, call special meetings to act on timely issues.  Board members must attend all regular and special District meetings unless they can show good cause for their absence.  Members of the public are welcome to attend all Board meetings.

Other Board requirements include the completion of:

  • An economic interest disclosure statement (Form 700)
  • A campaign disclosure statement (Form 460 or 470)
  • Mandatory AB 1234 ethics training
  • Mandatory AB 1825 harassment prevention training

In addition to these requirements, there is an expectation that District Board members also participate in the following:

  • Governance Foundation Training as required to maintain Special District Leadership Foundation’s (SDLF) District of Distinction Accreditation
  • Annual long range planning workshops typically on a Saturday in March
  • Continuing professional education programs such as conferences and meetings of the California Association of Sanitation Agencies (CASA), the California Special Districts Association (CSDA), and other local or state organizations
  • Community outreach events such as a District booth at the City of El Cerrito 4th of July Fair

A Board member of the Stege Sanitary District receives $233.12 per meeting day of service.  Board members are also reimbursed for expenses incurred when participating in approved training, conferences, and meetings.  Campaign costs are not reimbursed.  The District provides no healthcare, leave, pension, or other benefits to Board members.

For more information, visit our website at  For any questions, please feel free to contact staff by emailing or by calling (510) 524-4668.