Where the Sewage Meets the Sea

Stege Sanitary District Comprehensive History E-Book

Stege Sanitary District is proud to share its diverse and sometimes unexpected history with our beloved customers and with anyone with enough curiosity to step back in time.

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You may download the E-Book by clicking on any of the images below.  The full book may be downloaded by clicking the blue cover page below, or for your convenience, the book is also subdivided by chapters into different eras.  Similarly, you may click on the 'era' images below the blue cover to step back into a particular time of your choosing.

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Download the complete free E-Book by clicking on the image above, or you may skip to a particular era by clicking one of the images below.

Stege Book 1900

Stege Book 1950

Stege Book 1960

Stege Book 1970

Stege Book 1990

Also availble is the Stege Board of Directors and Timeline.