Public Outreach Materials

Plumbers and Sewer Contractors

Help prevent sanitary sewer overflows (SSO).  Download information on what you need to know when performing work in the Stege Sanitary District service area.


New Owner Welcome Packet

There are a few important things that new and prospective property owners and residents need to know about sanitary sewer service in our area. Download more information on how you can continue to flush smoothly in your new home. Welcome to the District.


DO NOT Flush Wipes in the Toilet

Property owners and residents please do not flush "flushable" wipes (eg. baby wipes, cleaning wipes, rags, towels and napkins) into the toilet.  Instead dispose of them properly in the trash.  Download more information about proper disposal of these items.


Backflow Prevention Device (BPD)

Backflow Prevention Devices or BPDs are devices designed to prevent sewage from backing up into your home in the event of a blockage.  Download more information about these safety devices.  Not only is it a requirement in all new construction, but it's also a good idea to have.


Smoke Testing

Download more information on regular sanitary sewer system smoke testing and how it may affect you.  (The District will contact residents directly prior to any work being done.)